2021 Slack Business Bootcamp by Amber Victoria Williams

2021 Slack Business Bootcamp Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. 2021 Slack Business Bootcamp by Amber Victoria Williams is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

2021 Slack Business Bootcamp by Amber Victoria Williams

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About the author Amber Victoria Williams

Amber Victoria is an Educational Technologist, Speaker and Digital Creator. She believe in tech that works for people.

Udemy 2021 Slack Business Bootcamp course description

First let’s talk about what Slack is NOT. Here are some common complaints I hear about using Slack at work: “It feels like an email thread that was turned into a program but should just as well be an email thread.” “It feels like a never ending round table discussion…” “I have so many missed messages I am overwhelmed!” Using Slack incorrectly leads to: Confusion Burnout Dissent and… Resistance from your team! :O Now, let’s talk about what Slack is. It’s your digital workplace! Slack is a tool to bring all your work into one place Slack changes how we get work done You need help working with Slack effectively. That’s why I built this course. Who is this course for? Leaders who want to use Slack in their organization. Entrepreneurs who have setup Slack without a plan. What you will learn in this course: Everything we learn is connected to the Slack mission statement. “Make work simple, pleasant and productive.” 1. Communicate effectively using the 5 Keys of Communication. 2. Compliment your workspace with Apps 3. Build Slackbot automations to save time 4. Design workflows to reduce repetitive tasks 5. Set healthy boundaries for digital wellbeing 6. Scaleable Knowledge Management 7. Productivity hacks Are you ready to master Slack and finally implement it effectively? I’m here for you! You got this! Join me in this course Slack: Business Bootcamp for Leaders. Let’s go…

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5 Keys of Communication in Slack Slack Workflows Task Management Knowledge Management

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