Basics of Computer by Pravin Pathak

Basics of Computer Udemy

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Basics of Computer by Pravin Pathak

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About the author Pravin Pathak

I have done Master in Chemical Engineering and Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety, Currently I am working as a Head (Advanced Diploma In Industrial Safety) cum Lecturer in Chemical Engg at K. K.Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik.

Udemy Basics of Computer course description

In this course, the contents are : History of Computers Types of Computer Old version computers to Palmtop, Laptop etc. Computer System : – Hardware, Software & User Types of Software :- System Software & Application Software DOS, OS, Windows, Office etc Advantages of Computers Different parts of Computer System :- Mouse, Keyboard, CPU, Monitor, Printer, Scanner etc Types of Printer – Compact & Non-compact Internal Components of CPU like power supply, RAM, Chord, Video Card, Sound Card, etc Photographs of major components and peripherals of Computer System. 2. MicroSoft Word – Features in MS Word :- Creating and saving a file Editing and formatting a document Paragraph formatting Inserting header and footer and Page number Checking spelling and grammar Subscript and superscript Inserting symbols Print preview and printing Inserting clipart, word art, and picture Page setting Bullets and number Border and shading Searching a word and replacing it by another word Inserting table 3. MicroSoft Excel – Features :- Introduction to Excel Overview of the Excel Screen The Excel Menus: File Menu Edit Menu Insert Menu Format Menu View Menu Help Menu and Office Assistant Excel Worksheets Entering Formulas and Data Formatting Workbooks Charts Freezing Panes Printing Keyboard Shortcuts 4. MicroSoft Powerpoint Conversion process of PPT to Video. Initial Setup Record Write / Annotate (Pen option) Export Features of Presentation and recording. What is recommended quality of Conversion? 5. WWW – World Wide Web – Internet Features How the Internet is operating? How to search on Internet? What are search engines?

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Basic concepts of Computer System Microsoft World Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint World Wide Web (Internet) How to convert PowerPoint into Video

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