Biohacking Habit Toolkit by Alex Nekritin

Biohacking Habit Toolkit Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Biohacking Habit Toolkit by Alex Nekritin is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Biohacking Habit Toolkit by Alex Nekritin

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About the author Alex Nekritin

My name is Alex and I am the CEO and Founder of the #1 Ranked Biohacking app Ultiself.

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From the creators of the #1 Biohacking app Ultiself… How to skyrocket your focus, productivity & energy by making the right adjustments to your daily routine? If you want to live up to your true potential and crush your goals grab this science backed actionable system! 3 Big Fat lies the self-help industry wants you to believe Falling trap to even 1 can make it nearly impossible to live up to your true potential & reach your goals. Lie # 1:improving yourself is all about learning A meta-analysis of 400 studies conducted by scientists from UNC & University of Sheffield found that ONLY 50% of our intentions ever get implemented. Just learning won’t cut it…you need to take proper ACTION! Lie # 2: Do what the “experts” do and you will get the same results. According to recent research by University College London, even a well regarded habit like meditation can cause negative effects like fear, panic & distorted emotions for as much as 25.6% of practitioners. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND YOU SIMPLY CANNOT LIVE UP TO YOUR POTENTIAL BY BUILDING HABITS THAT WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Finding & building YOUR keystone habits is essential to building your ultimate self! Lie # 3: Motivation & positive thinking is enough to help you achieve your goals. A study by the University of Kentucky & Alpert Medical School of Brown University, found that motivation alone is not enough in order to be consistent in your actions. There are other critical factors. This great quote by Tim Ferris sums it up best. “To dramatically change your life, you don’t need to run a 100-mile race, get a PhD, or completely reinvent. It’s the small things done consistently that are the big things” Tim Ferris – Investor, Author of Tools of The Titans THE FACT IS…TO BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE SELF…BOOKS, COURSES & WORKSHOPS ALONE JUST WON’T CUT IT…YOU NEED A BESPOKE, ACTIONABLE SYSTEM. This is why Business moguls, politicians, & athletes like Tom Brady, Marc Banioff and Oprah Winfrey hire entire teams of nutrition, fitness, & mental performance experts to perform at their best & dominate their professions. But, let’s be honest you just don’t have their resources. So what’s the solution? …You don’t need expensive coaching sessions, motivational events or a neuroscience degree to break through your glass ceiling…If you are interested you can do that stuff after you get results. First thing you need is to understand a simple, yet key concept. Up to 90% of our daily action is HABIT DRIVEN And since your actions pretty much determine your results , you need to HACK YOUR HABITS & ROUTINE! Ultiself Biohacking Habit Toolkit is your shortcut to doing just that! Created by PhD level scientists proven by successful entrepreneurs Ultiself is a science backed, data driven, actionable system designed to build your ultimate self & the life you want FAST. There are many self development & biohacking courses. But virtually none of them show you how to find what truly works for YOU & actually implement to get real measurable results. If you want generic biohacks & self improvement strategies that SUPPOSEDLY work for some Guru than go somewhere else. But…if you want to: Identify the habits and biohacks that truly impact YOU. Integrate them into your routine And get real, measurable results …then you have come to the right place! Here is what you get with the Ultiself Biohacking Habit Toolkit 7 Instructional videos with Behavioral Neuroscientist & habit expert Lily Bowles that show you exactly how to create your optimal self upgrade routine & actually stick to it to improve in the the areas you want. Each module has a short quiz and palatable actionable assignments to make sure that the information truly sticks. Actionable workbook that takes you through the entire process step by step. It will help you hone in on your true goals, identify which habit & biohacks you need to build to achieve them & put the necessary systems into place to make them stick. For a LIMITED TIME toolkit …

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For a limited time: Includes LIFETIME premium access to our #1 biohacking iphone app Ultiself: *** $159 value yours FREE*** Follow our actionable, science-backed system to finally perform at your best & crush your goals ❌ Avoid the 3 common biohacking/self development mistakes that practically guarantee failure Identify & consistently implement the habits & biobanks that will have the greatest impact on YOU Build the 6 core habits that every high performing successful person must have! Use our step by step workbook & #1 app to create your optimal routine & get results fast

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