Editing Masterful Videos with Soul in Adobe Premiere Pro by Dandan Liu

Editing Masterful Videos with Soul in Adobe Premiere Pro Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Editing Masterful Videos with Soul in Adobe Premiere Pro by Dandan Liu is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Editing Masterful Videos with Soul in Adobe Premiere Pro by Dandan Liu

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About the author Dandan Liu

Hi there! I’m Dandan, an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, creative educator, and monk-at-heart living in the Italian countryside.

Udemy Editing Masterful Videos with Soul in Adobe Premiere Pro course description

Editing is more than just cutting together footage in Premiere Pro. Whether your video is 2 minutes or 2 hours, if you don’t understand the principles of editing as a craft, your video will likely fall flat and not resonate with viewers. So this course not only teaches you how to edit with Adobe Premiere pro, but also teaches you how to craft your edit with essential principles of powerful storytelling. It puts together 3 top rated courses that address the whole video editing lifecycle, so you can cut, sculpt, and revise your raw footage into a masterful, well crafted film that resonates. Descriptions of each course below. COURSE 1: “POWER VIDEO EDITING WITH ADOBE PREMIERE PRO” This course cuts down the traditional 5-6 hour editing course to its best essentials, so complete beginners learn all the steps needed to edit their video footage with Adobe Premiere pro in 45 minutes. Using a real life example, the course lessons are designed to be applicable and get straight-to-the-point. By the end of this course, students will have learned the entire editing workflow, and have a polished, edited video ready to post! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to use the Adobe Premiere Pro Interface How to import and cut footage How to smooth your edits with transitions How to edit audio so it sounds clean and cohesive How to add music to elevate your film Editing rhythm and pacing How to add titles to your video How to export your edited video Bonus tricks, such as adding titles, stabilizing shaky footage, and adding photos COURSE TWO:  “STORYTELLING IN THE EDIT: 5 ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES” While the latter course addresses the nuts and bolts of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, this course is story-based, addressing 5 essential principles you can apply to your edit to make your story more powerful. This course features a mini assignment for each lesson, so you can directly apply every principle to your edit. It will guide you to step back and view your film critically to make better creative revisions. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to show, not tell How to use visuals to their maximum potential How to enhance continuity with sound How to take advantage of close-up shots How to think creatively and critically about your transitions How to refine your edit Bonus tips! COURSE THREE: “THE ART OF REVISION: HOW TO MAKE YOUR GOOD FILM, GREAT” Just finished the first cut of your film? Before you go ahead and export it, you have one last golden opportunity to harness the maximum amount of power and resonance from your edit. This stage, known as revision, is the most critical process filmmakers use to refine and strengthen their story. Focusing on 3 main things: clarity, direction, and momentum, it is where films transform from being mediocre to being unforgettable. This class guides you in this 6 step revision process, used by Academy Award winning directors like Ron Howard, which will help you see your story with fresh eyes and transform its weaknesses into strengths. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN How to get constructive feedback What makes a strong story spine: the essential ingredient How to strengthen the clarity, momentum, and direction of your story How to refine your exposition so it engages immediately How to build the power of your imagery And more!

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How to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit your footage, and useful tricks to refine your edit and elevate the quality of your sound. Know the essential principles of powerful storytelling in the edit, one used by Academy Award winning directors and screenwriters. Effectively revise your first edit to address common weak spots, and how to strengthen the clarity, direction, and momentum of your story.

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