ENERGY TESTING TECHNIQUES by Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing


Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. ENERGY TESTING TECHNIQUES by Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

ENERGY TESTING TECHNIQUES by Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing

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About the author Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing

Born in France, 45 years ago, Demian Haye spent 16 years in India, and currently resides since 4 years in San Marcos, Atitlan, Guatemala. He still travels a lot all around the world to gather ancient knowledge to bring it to the world. He studied ayurveda and herbalism with the  European Institute of Vedic Studies of Atreya.

Udemy ENERGY TESTING TECHNIQUES course description

Energy Testing Techniques Restoring a clear dialogue with our intuition Being able to test the response of our body-mind-spirit to know how our environment influences us is one of the most important skill you can learn. Imagine that you don’t need to ask anymore the “experts” or your friends about what is good for you or not. Imagine that you would have the ability to know at each moment how food, places, decisions, teachings, practices influence you, to have clarity about how it affects you and to take decisions based on this inner knowing. In this class, we learn 4 different techniques to restore a clear dialogue with your inner guidance system , with your inner GPS. We all have this habit to give away our power when we want to know if something is appropriate for us or not. But why do we trust more others than ourselves? It is time to get back your power and to explore your connections to reality with your own discrimination. The 4 techniques we explore are: · Dowsing : the art of using a pendulum. · Bioresonance testing : the art of feeling the expansion/contraction of our energy body, or others. · Applied kinesiology : the art of muscle testing ourselves and others. · Higher Self testing : get your own unique way to get answers from Spirit. We will explore as well: · The importance of neutrality (with a Neutrality download) · How to apply energy testing in our daily life . · How to build up our confidence in our ability to know. · The ethics of testing. · And many more tips… You will probably resonate more with one technique, than all of them. That’s great! This is the one you want to deepen. Some techniques are more appropriate for specific kind of testing, so it is good to know about each of them. I insist. With all my students, I recommend to learn first Energy Testing as it allows you to choose and verify the efficiency of any healing technique, of any practice or to discover what is good for you in the moment. We all need to trust ourselves more . We were all taught to trust the elders or the so-called experts. But think about it. How a general rule could apply to the extreme diversity of individuals that we are? We are always changing, evolving. Our relationship to our environment evolves every minute. To learn energy testing is the best way to restore the clarity and the trust in our intuition and our sovereignty. So, are you ready to become your own master? This class is the first part of another class that will soon be available and that will teach you how to use Energy testing to make proper and accurate diagnostics. Join us and learn what every child should learn to become an autonomous cocreator of their reality. Demian Haye


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4 different techniques to test anything or anyone Dowsing techniques and practices (pendulum) Bioresonance testing and practice Muscle testing and practice Higher Self testing technique and practice How to get better results in your testing : getting neutral The ethics of testing How to use testing in your everyday life

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