Facial Protocols by Georgiana Bodeanu

Facial Protocols Udemy

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Facial Protocols by Georgiana Bodeanu

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About the author Georgiana Bodeanu

my name is Georgiana Bodeanu i am 35 years old .I have over 13 years of experience working in the beauty industry .I have more than 10 years being a business owner and i felt like is time to help out other in my profession.I was born in Europe growing up i always made sure my skin was well taken care of as i felt the skin is mine for the rest of my life and is my duty to take care of it and also age gracefully.If you care for your skin it will be less likely to go to extreme measures and get skin alterations .I love my job and i love working with clients ,they all became a extended family for me and because of that going to work was really a enjoyment.

Udemy Facial Protocols course description

Hours of hands-on videos showing full facial procedures along with commentary. Learn how to combine European and American facial techniques into a facial protocol that your clients will enjoy. Esthetician Manual – A guide which includes skin types, conditions and overview of facial protocols. Sample Client Form – An example form that can be used for all new clients

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facial protocols: microdermabrasion, acid peels, masks, the do’s and don’ts of the skin care business and skin care products eyebrow waxing and shaping tips of how to improve client’s skin and how to maintain healthy skin how to achieve best results with clients

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