Fundamentals of Body Language from TV’s Human Lie Detector by Expert Academy

Fundamentals of Body Language from TV’s Human Lie Detector Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Fundamentals of Body Language from TV’s Human Lie Detector by Expert Academy is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Fundamentals of Body Language from TV's Human Lie Detector by Expert Academy

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Udemy Fundamentals of Body Language from TV’s Human Lie Detector course description

IN THE GAME OF LIFE, IT PAYS TO HAVE ALL THE SKILLS NECESSARY TO STAY AHEAD OF THE OTHER PLAYERS How much do you really know about body language ? Could improving your communication skills help you progress at work, in relationships, or in your business? If you were asked to attend an interview or give a presentation, would it fill you with a feeling of dread? Are you tired of seeing everyone else around you get what they want time after time while you are stuck in the same place? Would you like to be able to tell when your partner, friends, co-workers or boss are lying to you? Discover simple skills and techniques that you can use to get results straight away. LEARN THE SKILLS DIRECT FROM SOMEONE WHO IS RECOGNISED AS A WORLD-LEADER IN THE SUBJECT Who is Darren Stanton? Darren left behind a career as a front line British Police Officer to become a renowned expert on Body Language, Deception Detection, Influence and Persuasion. The media simply call him “The Human Lie Detector”. Darren has made his mark in the public eye assessing some of the world’s biggest names in showbiz and politics. These include political heavyweights such as Hilary Clinton, David Cameron, Donald Trump & Tony Blair, whilst his eclectic list of celebrities stretches from the likes of Johnny Depp & Taylor Swift to Katy Perry & Tom Hiddlestone to name just a few. He is also an accomplished journalist having written articles for the worlds press assessing public figures on their body language. Darren regularly appears on television, for example BBC’s The One Show & ITV’s This Morning in the UK . He frequently appears on news channels as diverse as Sky News and Russia Today. He is widely recognised as a world authority on the subject of body language. H AVE FUN WHILE YOU LEARN Darren will share his extensive knowledge and secret shortcuts so you can go directly to the good stuff and begin getting results straight away. You’ll soon be deciphering body language and making progress in both your personal and professional life. Using fun and practical activities Darren will give you tried and tested methods to begin to feel confident in any situation. AN ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILL Did you know that out of all forms of communication, 96 per cent is non-verbal. So its not what you say but more what you don’t.

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Students on the course will discover tried and tested, as well as state of the art methods for interpreting and deciphering communication You will be able to establish a rapport with anyone, as well as understanding how to maintain a deep rapport Find out how to interpret hidden meanings that until now were invisible to you Spot when others are being deceptive with you Feel more confident in social situations Spot hidden emotions in others

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