Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning by Priya Vaishampayan

Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning by Priya Vaishampayan is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Geometry & Mensuration - Basics & beyond... Easy learning by Priya Vaishampayan

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About the author Priya Vaishampayan

Hello, I am Mrs. Priya Vaishampayan from Mumbai, India. I was a former banker and also a Math faculty.

Udemy Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning course description

Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning is a 10 hours course comprising of 61 comprehensive video lectures supported with extra practice exercises at the end of every section along with detailed solutions. With every video lecture, you will also find a pdf file of lecture notes. It will help you to concentrate on videos without the hassle of taking notes simultaneously. I have planned it in a systematic way, a step by step approach. Let us understand the course structure. These are the sections- Detailed structure of the course Introduction to basic Geometric figures Parallel lines, transversals and angles formed Area and parameter of different types of triangles with basic formula Pythagoras theorem, Basic proportionality theorem, Mid-point theorem Median, Centroid, Apollonius theorem Centroid, circumcentre, incentre, their properties and applications Square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium: area, perimeter, word problems, properties Circle, arc, secant, tangent, chord, segment: theorems and properties with formulas Different types of polygons, interior-exterior angles, number of diagonals Cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere, hemisphere : volume and surface area A wrap up session. Inside every video lecture, you will find Every concept explained with plenty of solved examples Each and every step of procedure explained carefully Tips and tricks useful for saving time during exams based on my teaching experience Notes of every video lecture are  provided in the format of pdf that can be downloaded. At the end of every section, you will find Practice exercises with detailed solutions in pdf format. Generally in last lesson of every section, I give a chart of comparison or formulas of the topics covered in the particular section. The examples solved during video lectures and examples solved in exercises will make your Geometry foundation very strong. YOU WILL ALSO GET: Lifetime access to Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning Friendly support in Q and A section 30-day money back guarantee I have provided few preview lectures, that will give you an idea about the super quality of the course. ENROLL TODAY ! I am very excited to welcome you and to begin this journey together.

Geometry & Mensuration – Basics & beyond… Easy learning Info:

  • Author: Priya Vaishampayan
  • Language: English
  • Category: Math
  • Status: Available
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Ranking: 4.8 points.

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What is included in this Udemy course?

The emphasis of the course is on building the solid foundation of Geometry and also solve some higher level of examples. Types of triangles, quadrilaterals, different polygons. Area and perimeter formulas and plenty of solved examples for equilateral, isosceles, acute-angled, right-angled triangles Quadrilaterals such as square, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, trapezium with properties and formulas Circle, chord, secant, tangent, their properties and related theorems Pythagoras theorem, Apollonius theorem, angle bisector theorem, BPT, MPT and many more. Incentre, circumcentre, orthocentre, centroid of triangles explained with lots of examples Volume and surface area of cylinder, cube, cuboid, cone, sphere, semi -sphere Interior-exterior angles of polygons, number of diagonals in polygons Every video lessons has detailed explanation of topic and plenty of solved examples throughout. Additionally practice exercises are provided in resources tabs along with notes of every video lesson. Show more Show less

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