How to Teach the Greatest Indoor Cycling Class by Tina Kim

How to Teach the Greatest Indoor Cycling Class Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. How to Teach the Greatest Indoor Cycling Class by Tina Kim is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

How to Teach the Greatest Indoor Cycling Class by Tina Kim

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About the author Tina Kim

Hello folks, I’m a comedienne, Founder of I’ve Dated and the creator of How to Teach The Greatest Indoor Cycling class.

Udemy How to Teach the Greatest Indoor Cycling Class course description

In this course you’ll learn how to teach a nonstop cycling class based on timed roads, not songs & the do’s and don’ts of teaching a functional indoor cycling class. You’ll never have to put a playlist together again after this course. You’ll always be ready to teach any kind of indoor cycling class in seconds and have thousands of songs ready for your ride. After this course you’ll be able to find songs and edit songs for your class and never teach the same class twice. I designed this course for anyone interested in learning how to put together an indoor cycling class in seconds. It contains song lists, song breakdowns, charts, audios and examples, so you’ll feel like you’re right next to me learning this course.

How to Teach the Greatest Indoor Cycling Class Info:

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2 Skype or Google Hangout sessions with Tina for up to one hour Teach a LIVE ride from picking songs from hill folders & not a playlist of songs back to back Pick the right songs for certain drills Convert Youtube videos to their MP3 Player Edit songs for free using a free sound editor Know how to pick the right songs & get songs Use their mp3 player as their timer for the class Download an unlimited amount of music Confidently change courses anytime during class Teach various rides Cue people in funny ways, always guaranteed to have your class laughing Show students what not to do in class Teach a karaoke song Show their class proper form Teach a functional class dedicated to cycling, working hard. The right ways to cue the class for proper posture Cue riders what the next song will be while continuously playing music and switching to the next terrain Teach a tabata drill using eight different songs Use 70 songs to practice with in their class Decide what kind of ride they want at the beginning of class based on the students Crack some jokes that everyone will love Have songs everyone loves that are functional Mix songs and create rides with 70 different tracks This class is for instructors to learn how to grab songs from their sub folders & use it to teach a live ride NEVER walk into class with a set in stone playlist of songs back to back Teach time goals with your MP3 player Organize songs per road folders Teach per sections not songs Use folders of songs to put a ride together in class Never have to make a playlist again for class Show more Show less

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