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HP Quick Test Professional by Mentors Net

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Udemy HP Quick Test Professional course description

HP Quick Test Professional helps you in automating functional test cases. In this course we will explore about various capabilities of HP QTP and use it to create automated regression test suites. This course will take 8 hours to complete. By end of course you should write automated test cases using HP QTP.

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What is included in this Udemy course?

In this course you will learn following 7 units and at the end of Unit 7 you should be an expert in QTP. Unit 1 : Getting Started With HP QTP Unit 2 : Record and Replay of Sample Scenarios Unit 3 : Visual Basic Primer. Unit 4 : Using Synchronization and Check Points. Unit 5 : Data Driven Tests Using Parameters Unit 6 : Using Multiple and Reusable Actions Unit 7 : Advanced QTP Techniques

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