Intro to Flutter For iOS & Android by Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck

Intro to Flutter For iOS & Android Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Intro to Flutter For iOS & Android by Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Intro to Flutter For iOS & Android by Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck

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About the author Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck

Devslopes transforms beginner students into paid professionals through curated project based videos, interactive quizzes, and exercises. After completing each course, you will have a strong portfolio, coupled with the technical understanding to build your own custom applications.

Udemy Intro to Flutter For iOS & Android course description

In this course you will learn how to build iOS and Android apps with the Flutter framework by Google. Flutter is a framework that lets developers quickly build responsive apps for iOS and Android — having only to write the code once. The Flutter Framework: Is VERY fast Written in the Dart programming language Does NOT use Javascript Employs re-useable widgets Write code once, deploy to iOS and Android Has instant hot reload (No more 10 minute Xcode builds!) Supports native Kotlin and native Swift Is the BEST framework for cross platform development This course is designed for existing programmers or iOS and Android developers who want to learn Flutter. The course was designed to get you up and running FAST. That means we focus on the core concepts (the hard parts) instead of covering every single aspect of a major framework. What you’ll learn: Installation and setup Prepping your development environment Building re-useable widgets Important layout widgets Working with data and lists Making HTTP requests with APIs Parsing JSON Hot reloading Building native features on Android Building native features on iOS Flutter will help you quickly reduce build time and help you build AMAZING mobile apps very fast.  With Google behind the wheel Flutter is a wonderful experience and is growing rapidly.

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Flutter mobile app framework How to build cross platform apps Creating native iOS and Android code Routing screens Creating widgets Interfacing with APIs Working with lists

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