Introduction to The Enneagram (Fully Accredited) by Jan Haldane

Introduction to The Enneagram (Fully Accredited) Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Introduction to The Enneagram (Fully Accredited) by Jan Haldane is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Introduction to The Enneagram (Fully Accredited) by Jan Haldane

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About the author Jan Haldane

Jan has been fascinated by the workings of the human brain since studying counselling almost 30 years ago. Her other great passion is spirituality. So it was a natural fit for Jan to become a spiritual counsellor. Over the past 20 something years Jan has helped many people resolve their issues, let go of what no longer serves them and find their life purpose. Her interest and prior training in Past Life Regression inspired her to train in hypnosis. She is a Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Life Coach focussing on spiritual and energy centred techniques for creating beneficial change in the lives of her clients and students. Jan has a Bachelor of Education degree and Adult Teaching Certification and enjoys running workshops on Body, Mind, Spirit topics. She has hypno-meditations on Insight Timer. Jan is the author of You Can Love Again published in 2014. She is an international speaker on energy centred techniques for enhancing your life and business.​ She trained as a Life Coach in New Zealand and as a Strategic Intervention Coach internationally with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. She is an Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Angel Intuitive, Certified Past Life Healer, Certified Advanced Life Coach, Author and Co-Author and International Speaker.

Udemy Introduction to The Enneagram (Fully Accredited) course description

Fully Accredited Professional Introduction to The Enneagram Diploma This course is fully accredited by WMA – World Metaphysical Association Study in confidence with Bestselling Instructor Jan Haldane, Master Hypnotherapist and Coach Our Professional Introduction to The Enneagram Diploma course is aimed at those who wish to expand their existing complementary therapy, hypnotherapy, or counselling practice to incorporate The Enneagram , or for those that wish to learn the techniques for their own personal development. This course gives you tools and techniques for helping clients better understand themselves, and the roles they play in relationships and in the workplace. The course is a combination of video and an in depth training manual. Our easy to learn modules include: Introduction: Background and history of the enneagram Module 1 – The Enneagram An overview of the 9 personality types Wings Subtypes Centres The enneagram and stress The enneagram and personal growth Module 2 – Personality Types 1 and 2 Positive Traits Spirituality Dark side Stress Type Decision making Identifying types 1 and 2 Maturity Childhood Parenting Styles Relationships Growth Types Creativity Work and Career Leadership Styles Instinctual subtypes: self preservation, social, sexual Wings Verbal and Non verbal cues Module 3 – Personality Types 3, 4 and 5 Same format as above pertaining to types 3, 4 and 5 Module 4 – Personality Types 6 and 7 Same format as above pertaining to types 6 and 7 Module 5 – Personality Types 8 and 9 Same format as above pertaining to types 8 and 9 Module 6 – Finding Your Type Core types Dominant types The 9 deadly sins Understand yourself, your clients, work colleagues and friends and family! Students of human nature will love this course. This is a fully accredited Diploma course.

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The 9 personality types and their traits The types and relationships The types and careers The enneagram and childhood The enneagram and parenting styles Finding your core type Wings and subtypes The 9 deadly sins and the enneagram

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