JLPT N5 Preparation (Grammar and Reading) by Satrio Nurcahya

JLPT N5 Preparation (Grammar and Reading) Udemy

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JLPT N5 Preparation (Grammar and Reading) by Satrio Nurcahya

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About the author Satrio Nurcahya

I am a final year student who will get a bachelor’s degree in information technology. I am a person who quickly learns and adapts to new environments. My focus regarding the IT scope includes: Internet of Things, Big Data, Project Management, Data and Business Analysts, and Digital Marketing.

Udemy JLPT N5 Preparation (Grammar and Reading) course description

In summary, the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is like the TOEFL or IELTS, except that it is a test to measure Japanese fluency. The exam is administered by the Japan Foundation, and is held twice a year: in July and December. The exam is divided into 5 levels (from the easiest level N5 to the most difficult level N1): Level N5 Able to master/read 100 kanji Able to master 800 vocabularies Able to understand standard sentences if written in hiragana or simple kanji. Level N4 Able to master/read 300 kanji Able to master about 1500 vocabularies Able to understand everyday conversation if spoken slowly and can read simple material Level N3 Able to master/read 650 kanji Able to master 3750 vocabularies Able to understand Japanese articles written in easy kanji and can follow Japanese conversations at a normal speed. Level N2 Able to master/read 1000 kanji Able to master 6000 vocabularies Able to understand articles with general topics and understand conversations and news at a normal speed Level N1 Able to master/read 2000 kanji Able to master 10000 vocabularies Able to understand various kinds of conversations in certain situations and can understand different nuances in a sentence pattern when using certain vocabulary. The difference with TOEFL & IELTS, JLPT does not have a speaking/interview section. All exam questions are in multiple choice form. In this grammar and reading test, the types of questions are Vocabulary : 1. Write the underlined word with hiragana 2. Write the underlined word with katakana/kanji 3. Determine the correct word from ( ) 4. Looking for a sentence that has the same meaning as another sentence Reading : 1. Determine the exact particle of () 2. Determine the correct word with * from several empty words 3. Answering questions from the stories provided

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