Plumbing Math by Kenny Molotov

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Plumbing Math by Kenny Molotov

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About the author Kenny Molotov

I am a licensed plumber from Canada, trying to share my knowledge to interested minds that want to succeed in their apprenticeships and careers. I have a youtube channel (Kenny Molotov) displaying videos of a day in the life of a plumber, tools, theory, and questions. These courses are created to bridge any knowledge gaps, and for any student looking to sharpen their plumbing knowledge.

Udemy Plumbing Math course description

In this course we will be honing the fundamentals of math required to succeed in a plumbing apprenticeship, and career. We will dive deep into fractions, geometry, ratios, conversions, percentages, as well as look directly at plumbing related math including, offsets, total fall, grade, length, unit pressure etc. By the end of this course you will be ready and better equipped for math thrown your way in the trade!

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What is included in this Udemy course?

In this course we will learn and hone the fundamentals of math pertaining to plumbing.

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