Power Management in India by Rajib Roy Choudhary

Power Management in India Udemy

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Power Management in India by Rajib Roy Choudhary

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About the author Rajib Roy Choudhary

Rajib has more than a decade experience in Indian Power Sector, have extensively worked on the field of Project Management, Power Trading, Business Development, Risk management and have avid interest in CSR and Business Process Re-engineering.

Udemy Power Management in India course description

In this course students will learn on how Power Management is done by Distribution utilities and System operator (Grid operator), which includes Power Procurement: Long Term, Medium Term, Short Term, Hoe tariff is determined of Thermal Power Plant, Hydro Power Plant, Solar, Wind. What are the components of tariff. How Load forecasting is done by Load Dispatch centers, how power is scheduled under long term, medium term and short term. What are the ways to reduce Power Purchase Cost, how Power Exchange works.

Power Management in India Info:

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What is included in this Udemy course?

Power Management by System Operators, how Power Procurement is done, Power Tariff Determination, Load Forecasting, Power Scheduling and Dispatch, Power Purchase Drafting, How Power Exchange works

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