Professional Hijama Cupping Therapy Certificate Full Course by Manik Miah

Professional Hijama Cupping Therapy Certificate Full Course Udemy

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Professional Hijama Cupping Therapy Certificate Full Course by Manik Miah

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History of Hijama Treatment Hijama is an Arabic word. It is an ancient and holistic practice to treat various diseases. However, the exact origin of Hijama therapy is unknown, and it is a matter of controversy. Cupping therapy is documented in Chinese and ancient Egyptian medical practices. It is assumed that cupping had started over 5000 years ago, which has developed over time. It is believed that animal horns were used to suck out the blood and drain the toxins. Then, over the years the horn was evolved into bamboo cups and eventually replaced by glass. How does Hijama works? Hijama follows some process. Firstly, the practitioner places the cup through acupuncture, according to the pain points on the body. Then, cups are applied through the suction of a hose or even glass. However, glass cups are applied in a traditional way, which uses an open flame. The flame heats the inner part of the cup. After that, flames are removed quickly, and glass stuck on the skin. Then, let the cup sit on the skin for the five to ten minutes, sometimes 10-15 minutes. Cupping Therapy at a Glance Usually, the cupping treatment involves a negative pressure on warming and suction being applied through a cup. It creates a vacuum to draw up toxins from the surface of the skins, which increases the blood flow. The cups are usually placed on neck, shoulders, back or the body part where pain occurs. There are different types of cupping available with various types of cups. Types of cupping 2 types of basic cuppings are available Dry cupping and Wet cupping. However, there are some other types too, Moving Cupping and Air Cupping. Dry cupping It doesn’t suck out the blood, while wet one is done with the bloodletting. In dry cupping process, the practitioner soaks a cotton ball in alcohol and lights it up. After that, it is placed inside the cup to remove available oxygen. Next, the cup is applied to the body. Since the oxygen was removed, the cup sits on the skin and attached. Wet Cupping This type of cupping sucks out a small amount of blood through a puncture. The punctured skin let the toxins to leave the body. Moving Cupping Another type of cupping is available, which is named as moving cupping. Unlike the basic cuppings, this one can be moved while placed on the body. Air Cupping It is considered as alternatives to fire cupping. In this process, a handheld suction is used to take out all the air from the cups, which creates the vacuum without heating. Air cupping is a new practice. Chinese researchers suggest that this cupping technology is innovative and more comfortable for the patients. *50% Discount for all Udemy students for our official D2D certification Only £225 (After completing the course on this Udemy platform) : D2D Therapies Training Provider Manik Miah

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Does Cupping Therapy Work? Side Effects, Benefits & Types Professional Hijama Cupping Therapy Cupping Therapy: Uses, Benefits Cupping is a type of alternative therapy A complementary therapy called Hijama Benefits of Using Cupping Therapy The medical perspective of cupping therapy Benefits include pain relief and sports recovery Is Hijama safe? Does cupping hurt? Is cupping therapy painful? Show more Show less

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