Project based Text Mining in Python by Taimoor khan

Project based Text Mining in Python Udemy

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Project based Text Mining in Python by Taimoor khan

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About the author Taimoor khan

I am a researcher and an academician since 2011, and have a background of professional software development for around 3 years. As an Assistant Professor in Computer Science faculty I have taught various courses to undergraduate and graduate students. I am particularly interested in courses related to software design and development, databases, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining etc.

Udemy Project based Text Mining in Python course description

In this course, we study the basics of text mining. The basic operations related to structuring the unstructured data into vector and reading different types of data from the public archives are taught. Building on it we use Natural Language Processing for pre-processing our dataset. Machine Learning techniques are used for document classification, clustering and the evaluation of their models. Information Extraction part is covered with the help of Topic modeling Sentiment Analysis with a classifier and dictionary based approach Almost all modules are supported with assignments to practice. Two projects are given that make use of most of the topics separately covered in these modules. Finally, a list of possible project suggestions are given for students to choose from and build their own project.

Project based Text Mining in Python Info:

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What is included in this Udemy course?

In this course the students will learn the basics of text mining and will build on it to perform document categorization, grouping and sentiment analysis. The practicals are carried out in Python language, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used for pre-processing before training machine learning models. Sentiment analysis of user hotel reviews Deep neural networks for text analysis

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