Seven Stage Preparation for MBA (Business Fundamentals) by Chris Sivewright

Seven Stage Preparation for MBA (Business Fundamentals) Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Seven Stage Preparation for MBA (Business Fundamentals) by Chris Sivewright is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Seven Stage Preparation for MBA (Business Fundamentals) by Chris Sivewright

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About the author Chris Sivewright

35+ years experience teaching in schools, universities and other colleges – State and Private Sector. Appeared in 100+ films (including corporate training and fitness videos). 100+ books on Amazon. Featured by the BBC, Polish TV, The Times, The Telegraph and…The Sun.

Udemy Seven Stage Preparation for MBA (Business Fundamentals) course description

If you really want to work and really want to prepare yourself for the MBA – then this is the course for you. Business Fundamentals developed, examined, expanded on, questioned and discussed. This course has been updated and considerably extended in November 2021. Expect to spend about 150 hours to complete the course and gain the Oxford Diploma. (Business Fundamentals, pre-MBA) THIS IS NOT AN EASY COURSE. THIS IS NOT FOR LEISURE. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROGRAMME TO PREPARE YOU. This is how you will be prepared for the MBA: SEVEN STAGES (One extra has been added since the Preview video) 1. Business and Economic vocabulary. This to include business concept evaluation and business fundamentals. 2. Preparing yourself for MBA entry – what is required? How can you impress? 3. MBA content and mindset. Business fundamentals 4. Sole trader case study – extended. This includes detailed homework. 5. Businesses in 2021 – more evaluation. Including case studies 6. Office environment – reducing stress in the office 7. Story telling – what can be learnt. (There are extra lectures and tests too…) WARNING: MBA students learn as much – probably more – from the work they are set and the people they interact with as they do from the lecturer.  This course is no exception. You are set homework right from the beginning and you are expected to share your results in the Q/A section – and to comment on the work of others. This means that there is strong Instructor involvement in terms of responses in Q/A. Expect to have your ideas challenged ! This is NOT just a load of lectures you whizz through and print out a certificate with ‘MBA’ on it. Expect to be extended – ideal preparation for the MBA! There are 19,000 students currently enrolled. So potentially there are resources from 156 countries (countries where students are from) as well as the various textbooks included with this course! Importantly this course is current as at November 2021. This is a serious, evolving, course. It WILL prepare you for the MBA – but as part of the ‘preparation’ you are set homework. Doing the homework undeniably helps prepare….From the BBC: ” Their tutor uses the Internet as a resource – partly for sources of information, but also, through e-mail and chat software, to allow fast delivery of essays and his comments on them. The tutor, Chris Sivewright, believes that in some cases it is a better method than classroom-based course work” – BBC Website 1998 “David says he was not an exceptional scholar. “Mr Sivewright knows exactly how to pass exams.” David Mason, student, The Times – 28 January, 1990 “This is probably the shortest time in which anyone has passed. It is quite exceptional . Peter Stanbrook, Head of Education at the AEB, The Oxford Mail, 25th Jauary,1990 ****                                        ****                                ****                                     ****                                 **** CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS ” Dear Mr. Bankes I don’t know how to thank you for this course. I have nothing but admiration for you, your presentation skills, and your teaching capabilities. this course made me shift my mindset, do researches, and brainstorm. I’m sorry that I’ll temporarily stop moving forward in the course, but that is because of my job requirements needing more focus. I promise as soon as I have the time, I will come back very effectively.” – Mohammed Nihad “A really good, short and brilliantly-created course. Focuses on both theoretical and practical learning. The first few lectures helped me easily understand the factors affecting and business and as one of the lecture said “Shifting of the mindset”, it has successfully been able to do that. Looking at business the way mentioned in the course has widen my perspective and has certainly helped me in understanding this practical subject. The last section is beautifully scripted. Yes! “Scripted”. Professor Sivewright uses a really attractive way to make us understand the fina…

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Business preparation for MBA – includes MBA-style case studies Business impact of COVID-19 MBA mindset – and business fundamentals at MBA level External impact on internal environment Textbooks are included! (Drucker, Handy…) MBA-style assignments In-depth analysis of business and business concepts Business concepts and fundamentals

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