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Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Speak Arabic by Khaled Baraka is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Speak Arabic by Khaled Baraka

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About the author Khaled Baraka

I am a professor of Cardiology. Besides; Linguistics is my hobby. I am fond of Arabic, and used to write articles with this beautiful Language. I decided to share my knowledge so that people who like to read Arabic literature can achieve it easily and correctly. We Arabs believe that our language is an ocean full of pearls. If Arabic Language will talk about herself, she will say; I am the sea. Pearls are hidden inside me. Did anyone ask the diver about my shells ?

Udemy Speak Arabic course description

In Grade 1 of this Arabic Language Course, we offer detailed description of Arabic Alphabet. You will learn the consonant and vowel letters. For each Arabic letter you will learn its image, sound, and technique of hand writing. You will also see how to join each letter with the letter before and that coming after it. The differentiation between letters with somewhat similar sounds is clarified. Grade Two of Arabic Language is designed for those who already finished Grade One, since this is an integrated course where each grade is based on the previous one, and all grades cooperate to achieve the advancement desired. Those who already have a detailed knowledge of the Arabic Alphabet, and wish to extend their knowledge in Arabic Language, may also take the current course. In grade 3 of this Arabic Language course we continue adding more and more Arabic vocabulary and sentences; those concerned with family members, Arabic numbers, time, places, food, plants and animals. Enjoy our lectures. At this level you will feel much more familiar with Arabic language vocabulary and sounds, and will learn how make some sentences. It is a good addition to the previous two grades. In grade four of our Arabic Language course we continue providing more and more Arabic vocabulary and sentences; those concerned with dress, colors, transport, tools, adjectives, conditions, and body parts and organs. Further enhancement of your ability to construct, write and read Arabic sentences is emphasized. Applications on what you have learnt so far are also provided. In grade five of our course “Learn Quranic Arabic Language” we proceed to an advanced level. You will learn the vocabulary and sentences related to feelings, ethics, and jobs. You will also learn in details the types of verbs in Arabic language, how to derive each type, how to use it with singular and plural pronouns and words, and how the verbs change with masculine and feminine words.

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What is included in this Udemy course?

Be able to read, write and communicate in Arabic. Be able to read Quran and other Arabic literature in all fields.

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