Success & Goal achievement in 12 Weeks by Alex Cole

Success & Goal achievement in 12 Weeks Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Success & Goal achievement in 12 Weeks by Alex Cole is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Success & Goal achievement in 12 Weeks by Alex Cole

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About the author Alex Cole

In my past I had troubles to find a way yo purse my goals. So in the last 10 year a studied how to achieve success, productivity and personal development in depth.

Udemy Success & Goal achievement in 12 Weeks course description

In my life a spent a lot of time trying to achieve significant results, but often I could not reach not even small goals. If that happens to you too then, continue reading. I started studying and learning how I can achieve a goal and how to don’t lost motivation during my journeys. I read tons of books, studying goal achievement in scientific research. I’ve tried all system out there for goal setting, productivity, and various techniques that can help me to achieve goals and success. After a long period finally, I find a lean method to do that. Simple I noticed that systems often are a waste of time. Instead, the point is that we have to focus only to do the ACTIONS that matter to achieve that goal. In this course, I describe the most essential concept about success and how to stay focused and motivated to reach any goal in 12 weeks at the time. In short, that is the plan: Understand what is success Define what means success for you Understand the success formula (skills + effort) Understand how to define a goal that matter “to you.” Clarify your ideas and purposes before starting to reach a goal Understand the importance of hierarchical goals Follow a target for 12 flexible weeks using these tools: Macro plan Action list & Habits Track progress WPR (Weekly planner & Review) FOCUS ON ACTIONS Know some tips that can help during your journey of goal achievement like: Decision fatigue The obstacle is the way Pareto principle or 80/20 rule Growth Mindset Avoid Distractions In one lesson I said that “There aren’t magic tricks.” That’s absolutely true. To be successful, you need only 2 things: Know exactly what you want Commit to doing the things that need to be done I’m sure that it has already happened to you to achieve some sort of goal or success. Do you remember that? I would like with this course not to convince you to use the tools that work for me. I would like only to give you some advice, maybe a new way to see your path and also a new starting point for your path to success.

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Understand the art of goal achievement All about Success and how to define what is a success for you The success formula: Skill=Talent x Effort => Achievement=Skill x Effort The Domino Effect + The one Thing + 10.000 hours rule + Hierarchical goal How to reach a goal in TWELVE weeks How to prevent decision fatigue Practical tips to reach your goal faster and better

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