The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020 by Philip Campbell

The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020 Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020 by Philip Campbell is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020 by Philip Campbell

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About the author Philip Campbell

I love playing with technology and making it easier for others to understand.

Udemy The Complete Open Broadcaster (obs) Almanac for 2020 course description

it’s been a long time in the making, but it’s FINALLY HERE! my ultimate, almanac of everything i know about OBS for live streaming and recording, to be updated every year and every quarter with the latest tips and tricks, hardware and tools for maximum engagement for entrepreneurs, streamers, e-sports and offline recording. DEVELOP AND ACTION this is a brand new format i’ve developed in that i’ve created a bunch of sections that allow you to jump in and ‘cherry pick’ information when you need it, not only do we go from basic setup but we also deep dive into elements that the other courses just don’t cover i’ve taken what i learned from my mini courses and looked how i could improve on stepping through with you in terms of what you might need in the moment, what might go wrong, how you can fix that, how you develop your engagement with live streams and how you can be more productive and effective with offline recorded streams. BE READY TO 100x YOUR OBS KNOWLEDGE – ARE YOU READY?! over 100+ video parts, the most complete obs course you will find on udemy. POWER OBS SESSIONS Starting from Zero to Hero in less than an hour? Scene Transitions — Setting up a ‘Stinger’ Scene Transitions — What are Swipe, Slide, Fade to Colour & Lumi Wipe? Cropping Layers and Weirdness in Scaling Custom Scene Transition Overrides Converting a Video from .mp4 to .webm for size/speed Converting a .MKV to .MP4 with redux Using Advanced Settings for Colour Correction Getting your Green screen Perfect in OBS Locking Elements in Place, Why? Displaying a Universal Chat with Restream Copying Filters from Sources & Scenes The Nightmare of Copying — Duplicate or Reference Scenes have Sources, But Sources can be Scenes (whoa) Let’s get in depth with the Audio Mixer and VST Plugins (free!) Using hotkeys, make your show building easier Looping a Video in OBS Setting up Audio Globally Why I like a default fullscreen video + audio shot as a scene Adding a Webcam in OBS Creating a Picture in Picture in OBS SCENES & SOURCES 101 Sources — Audio Input Capture Sources — Audio Output Capture Sources — Browser (read, slow!) Sources — Colour Source & Power Tips (single colours & filters!) Sources — Display Capture Sources — Image & Image Slideshow (great for sponsors & qr codes) Sources — Lua & Scripts will Appear Here (tools > scripts) Sources — Media Source Sources — Scene (my favourite productivity hack) Sources — Syphon Client Sources — Text (is clunky mostly) Sources — VLC Video Source Sources — Video Capture Device (elgato etc, better than capture screen!) Sources — Window Capture Right Click Source — Grouping Selecting Items & Limitations! Right Click Source — Filters — let’s talk about them! Right Click Source — Order — layering up your scenes sources correctly Right Click Source — Transforming Assets LOCAL RECORDING POWER TIPS Start recording, pause recording, start again! Record to the fastest drive you can buy Lag and latency with kill your local recordings Redundancy of recording with Blackmagic hardware ADVANCED OBS building scenes as sources, why they are powerful organising your layers like a boss Recording and Streaming — save to the fastest drive you can! BONUS OBS LEARNING Why you should use mkv for recording (bsod, power outages) Stopping dropping frames and why that happens Backing up and Exporting your OBS Settings OBS broke with Catalina, what you can learn from this (wait until it’s officially supported) What is the Different between RTMP and FTL on mixer? Why streaming to periscope gives you extra social media reach! Deep Dive the Output Tab in Settings (confusing!) Using Stream Delay in Advanced to Reduce Stream Snipers (live streaming) Dynamically changing your bitrate is not a great fix for a bad quality setup Why a second screen makes so much sense OBS BUG HUNTING Weird resizing bugs, use that ALT key to fix all Always make text big and scale down, not the other way Hidden and Visible, Arrangement and Grouping KEYNOTE ANIMATIONS Let…

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  • Author: Philip Campbell
  • Language: English
  • Category: Media
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how to live stream to the internet fault finding issues for live streaming being creative with their live stream build up an audience of people wanting to come back for more run and maintain a video show on the internet sell services regarding live streaming events

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