The Craft of Photoshop : Developing Landscapes by Simon Foster

The Craft of Photoshop : Developing Landscapes Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. The Craft of Photoshop : Developing Landscapes by Simon Foster is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

The Craft of Photoshop : Developing Landscapes by Simon Foster

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About the author Simon Foster

Simon Foster holds a degree in Educational Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, has been a designer for 30+ years, has run a successful design business for over 25, and was a teacher for 2 years. He has produced design work for clients from all over the world, including all the graphics for Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, various other games and apps, illustrating science books and providing design and illustration for clients ranging from doctors to top level business people, world class geneticists right through to local start up businesses.

Udemy The Craft of Photoshop : Developing Landscapes course description

‘I’ve learned some of the Photoshop tools, but how do I actually enhance an image, start to finish?’ That was the question I saw asked on a Photoshop forum and I thought: ‘Good point!’ So here is a course designed with just that in mind. I take you through the development of a series of landscape photos, start to finish. We usually start by adjusting a RAW file using the Adobe Camera RAW filter. Then we enhance the photo further in the main Photoshop workspace and go through every step needed to bring it to a final, polished state. Check out the free preview introduction video and see the files we start out with, and then see just how good we can make them by the end. I’ll take you through every stage and explain why we are doing things in a particular order. I’ve given you all the images used on the course to follow along with. I’ll show you problems that can crop up and what do about them. Landscape image development brings its own set of problems and opportunities and the various techniques I guide you through take that fact into consideration. This course assumes you have some basic knowledge of Photoshop but I’ll also help you there. I’ve included the notes from ‘The Craft of Photoshop: Solid Foundations’ which can help to familiarise yourself with the tools we use. As well as giving you a solid grounding in how to develop a landscape photo I’ll cover various problems and issues that may arise in your work. We’ll also cover things like High Dynamic Range images, stitching panoramic images together (clue – it’s got more to do with what you do before you go into Photoshop…), converting images to black and white and how to easily and quickly create a few special effects. Oh, and there’s the practice sessions as well… By the end of the course you will have seen and followed along with a series of effective workflows, start to finish. You will gain the confidence to tackle your own images and one day soon you may well be looking at one of your own photos which you’ve enhanced, and thinking ‘That looks fantastic! I did that…’

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How to develop great landscape photos using Adobe Photoshop The best way to develop a RAW file for landscapes Learn the good from the bad with High Dynamic Range photography Stitch together huge panoramic views – and how to get the best results before you even open up Photoshop Effectively convert a photo to black and white

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