Think Outside of The Box by Life Resourcers

Think Outside of The Box Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Think Outside of The Box by Life Resourcers is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Think Outside of The Box by Life Resourcers

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About the author Life Resourcers

Everything starts with why. The reasons why we do what we do, what motivates us, what keeps us going, the difference that makes the difference. Life Resourcers Why – ​ To help you become The Hero you and only you can be, to be the difference that makes the difference.

Udemy Think Outside of The Box course description

In this course you will learn 3 strategies/techniques that will change your way of thinking about problems, show you how to break unhelpful patterns and find a creative solution to any existing or future problems. 1. Creativity strategy – based on modelling successful people like Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and others. 2.  Thinking outside of the box –  this technique is based on understanding how your brain represents a problem/issue. It is important to understand that we are individuals and so the representations of the problem will vary. There is no right or wrong representation and that’s what makes this technique different and successful – it is based on YOU. Once you understand how YOU represent the Problem and how YOU represent the Solution you will know how to perceive  problems as new solutions. Please note this will take PRACTICE. 3. R.E.A.L.I.S.E. – is a goal setting strategy. What makes this strategy different? It teaches you to look at your goal from a different perspective. We will teach you how to ask yourself a variety of questions you didn’t even consider but that doesn’t mean that they will not play a major role in you Achieving the Goal that is Right for You.

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We will teach you 3 different thinking strategies/techniques. All those strategies are based on people who were or still are naturally good at thinking outside the box. People who turn their dreams into reality and are getting the results they want.

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