Website & Landing Page Personalization with Google Optimize by Anil Batra

Website & Landing Page Personalization with Google Optimize Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Website & Landing Page Personalization with Google Optimize by Anil Batra is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Website & Landing Page Personalization with Google Optimize by Anil Batra

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About the author Anil Batra

Anil is a seasoned Digital Marketing and Analytics professional with 15 years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 50 to startups and has helped them improve marketing results. His customers include Microsoft, SmartMoney, ESPN, T-Mobile, Hoovers, RealNetworks, Starbucks, and TheStreet. He holds a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle.

Udemy Website & Landing Page Personalization with Google Optimize course description

In this course you will learn how to develop personalized Website and Landing Page experience with Google Optimize.  Personalization is one of the top way growth hackers use to drive growth. Not only you will learn how to use Google Optimize for personalization but also get ideas of personalization that you can use right away to create better user experience and drive higher conversions. The concept I will show you applies to any website, wordpress blog or ecommerce store.  If you are familar with A/B Testing then you know that it is a great way to figure out what works, personalization takes it one step further by helping you create website and landing page experiences based on your learning from A/B tests. What is in this course What is website/landing page personalization and why it makes sense Frameworks for Personalization Setting up Google Optimize account for personalization Personalizing based on Users’ Device – Mobile, Desktop, Tablet etc. Get Personalization Experience reporting in Google Analytics Combining targeting rules to create the desired personalization rule Personalization based on technology used by site visitors Drive new customer acquisition by personalizing a message for new visitors. Many more to come… Why you should learn from me? I have been in Digital Marketing, Data and Analytics for over 15 years. I have trained people from diverse backgrounds and have converted them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts. I understand both the technology and marketing side of business.  I have dealt with many analytics technologies way before Google Tag manager existed and know the inner working of Digital Analytics. I have extensively worked with companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, T-Mobile to name few and helped them Data Driven Marketing Decisions. In addition, I have developed various course and taught students from all over the world. I am online instructor for University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA) and Digital Analytics Association. I have an engineering degrees and an MBA.

Website & Landing Page Personalization with Google Optimize Info:

  • Author: Anil Batra
  • Language: English
  • Category: Marketing
  • Status: Available
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Ranking: 4.2 points.

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What is included in this Udemy course?

What is Website Perosonalization How can you use Website Perosonlization Use Google Optimize for website personalization Learn how to create different experience for Mobile v/s Desktop Learn how to create personalized experience for new visitors to drive more conversions and sales Learn how to personalize website experience or messages for various mobile devices.

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