Win at Job Interviews – For High Achievers! by J.P. Barrow

Win at Job Interviews – For High Achievers! Udemy

Friends, this time we are going to share an excellent option to perfect your professional skills. Win at Job Interviews – For High Achievers! by J.P. Barrow is the most sought after course by users and one of the most popular on Udemy, the best online course platform.

Win at Job Interviews - For High Achievers! by J.P. Barrow

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About the author J.P. Barrow

Founder and Managing Director of First Global Direct Pte Ltd & Ai Sourcing Ltd, Business Development Strategy, Finance & Capital Raising, AI Enabled Executive Recruitment, Search and Selection and Sales Team outsourcing services.

Udemy Win at Job Interviews – For High Achievers! course description

In many High Profile, Consultancy, Leadership and Strategic roles, employers are looking not only for High performers but also for candidates who are High Potentials to advance and significantly contribute to an organisation and potentially advance to Senior Executive Leadership roles based on their evidenced Behavioral and Competency skill set. If you want to get on a fast Management or a High Potential training track within top organisations you need to demonstrate how you excel in key areas. For a High potential candidte you dont just want a Job but you want a Job with a Top Brand name in your chosen industry and career path and the competition is going to be fierce. Its not just about your academic background, or your past performance in a role but also Essential attributes such as Critical Thinking, Effective Decision making, EQ and Influencing that will be assessed with often very tough Behavioural and Competency style questions. Answering these effectively requires a high degree of preparation and understanding of what an employer is looking for and how you can best demonstrate your capabilities in these areas. This Course has comprehensive sections on answering Critical Thinking and Behavioral Interview questions with example answers that you may expect in Job Interviews for Fast Career track and Leadership roles. Fulfilling your career ambitions is a daily mission, and Winning at critical job interviews for that job you want is just the start. Our Courses are designed to give you the advice and tools to have the best chance of success when it really matters. Get started today and dont let your career run away without you! This course will also be useful for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of being successful at interview as all the principles detailed here are applicable for most interviews. Created by practising Recruitment professionals with decades of experience in Business and Executive Recruitment from Corporate leadership, Sales and Recruitment Agency backgrounds, we know what interviewers are looking for and what it takes to stand out – the competition is tougher than ever and we will help you shine! No matter if you are applying for your first Sales job interview, or you’re accomplished with a strong track record of success or looking for a career change and growth there is something for everyone with guides to preparation, gaining confidence, handling tough Interview questions, improving your presence in a variety of interview settings including video interviews, panel interviews, automated interviews and well as traditional one-on-one interviews with HR, Recruiters and Hiring Managers and ensuring you are a good match for Job requirements, with pitfalls, traps and red flags to avoid and much more. Even Sales people with an excellent portfolio of Sales numbers or Sales Team Leadership success, cannot guarantee they will be successful in a new role even for the same product in the same industry and market  as working for a different company with a whole different set of values, culture and goals puts many new variables into the mix that makes someone successful. Interviewers and hiring managers are very concious of these facts and so will place a strong emphasis on competency questions and scenarios to identify if you have the right behaviors and traits required for someone to be successful in a sales role in thier compnay beit a trainee, Account Manager, Team Leader, Sales Manager or Director role, so this course has a large section on Sales competencies to help prepare you for these types of questions and interviews. J.P has owned and run Executive Search Firms and is on the front line of Executive Recruitment gloablly, helping guide, coach and place thousands of candidates over the years from all industries verticals including Banking and Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT, Office, Legal, Government, Supply Chain & Logistics and HR from office junior to Executive Business Leaders. ‘Win at S…

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How to Succeed in Job Interviews for High profile roles How to answer Critical Thinking Behavioral Questions Critical Thinking Skills Interview Questions & Answers Why Critical Thinking Questions are asked What Employers are looking for in your Answers

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